Raffaela Graspointner - ‘HOLI BLUSH BUBBLE CRUSH’


when you at a family event and somebody say ‘all the boys gone be chasing after you’


omahyra mota shot by daniel garriga


anyone else have that one friend u always text when ur taking a shit

buttons by the pussycat dolls is not talked about enough i understand it’s 2014 but that song is a classic

the main thing to do if u wanna prevent breakouts is to stop touching ur face!!! also resist the urge to pop pimples

Anonymous: What does tfw mean

that feel when

Anonymous: what products do you use? mine haven't been helping :/

clean & clear foaming facial cleanser for sensitive skin is my daily one but i also have a drugstore brand daily pore cleanser exfoliant scrub that i use at night sometimes and for moisturizing i use the zero blemish cream from yves rocher in the summer and the 24hr intense hydrating gel cream in the winter also from yves rocher

also to the person who asked about the cream idk what it’s called bc i threw the tube out once i finished it


*drops phone*
Me: shit u good bruh
Phone: yeah fam I’m aight


staff can you delete acetoxy's blog