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perfect boys only exist in books | george koh by william selden for i-d, pre-fall 14


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This work of art demanded of me four years of assiduous and exclusive attention, and it is nothing less than the result of the whole of my active life. I consider it, apart from its imperfections, my masterpiece.
Henri Matisse


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Anonymous: im sorry to be so dumb but whats going on in pakistan? what are they protesting??



What’s going on: Protests, basically. It started off as a long march called the Azadi or Freedom march by PTI led by Imran Khan an opposition party in the parliament and the Inqalaab or Revolution march by PAT led by Tahir-ul-Qadri, a non entity in the parliament but someone who can pull crowds to himself. The march went from Lahore to Islamabad, the Pakistani capital, where they gave (and are still giving) a dharna, which I think is a sit in in English. These were all peaceful protests and the sit in was peaceful until yesterday, when the protesters started going toward the prime minister house after failed negotiations (and a lot more) and well, they weren’t allowed to go far because the police went in with tear gas, rubber bullets, and also in one instance, actual bullets. This has resulted in about upwards of 200 injuries and 7 people dead, 2 are critical, obviously again these are premature numbers and there’s likely to be a lot more.

Now, WHY: Simply, the march happened because of allegations of rigging in the general election of 2013 that led to Nawaz Sharif, head of the PML-N to come to power. The Lahore Incident, which is linked here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_Lahore_clash), read up. Generally, also non responsiveness to valid rigging allegations, and no sign of opening up areas where these allegations exist. A lot more.

This is a very, very basic thing. I skipped military intervention in talks, the sit in was on going for two weeks, a lot more basis for the march, the entry into the Red Zone, more events. You can google and keep up with this and ask me more questions if you’re still confused. This is also an on going situation.

If I messed up something tell me I’ll fix it. Add more to this if you want.

some good sources to keep up with pakistan:



if someone wants to add on more sources that would be great!!! I’ll add more as I find sources that seem unbiased


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Anonymous: How does what's happening in Pakistan effect those of us within the United States and what can we do about it, if anything? Does civil protest in developing countries impact people such as myself at all?


The United States has a policy goal to ensure the stability of the Pakistani civilian government ever since 2008. Due to the US military ‘accidentally’ raiding Pakistani troops at the Salala checkpoint, which killed 24 people, the US and Pakistan haven’t been ‘allies’ since. Now, for the people who live in the United States, like yourself and I, we have no physical way of helping the innocent civilians being tear gassed & thrown rubber bullets at. My best guess would be to spread awareness as much as you can. In whatever way you can, whether it’s holding a protest, or giving out flyers, or just reblogging. Do something to educate people who aren’t educated about the issue. Police brutality is not allowed on any circumstances. Whether it’s Pakistan or Ferguson, what is going on is absolutely repulsive. Civil riots should affect you, because in the end they’re fighting for something better for them. And we should always support them.
Something that was also suggested to me by a friend would be, call your representative. Tell him/her that you do not approve of the police brutality prevailed on a mass population of innocent civilians. The more we keep calling, the more Washington has to step in. But for now, just try to understand what is going on, and why.

Anonymous: renée, did you go to the ex this year? i had a dream i saw you there and you looked super cute so i'm tryna make dreams become reality

i didn’t actually!! i have no money plus plans were never solid so time just got away u know :( my outfit last year was rly cute tho


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